Never a good look in the QuilTak office....

.....this happens sometimes,, but not very often over the last 24 years.  But un-repairable.  We have a great source for help on our website,, just send us a note or call us and we can talk you through just about any QuilTak tool issue over the phone,, and I am pretty sure we have heard them all ;-))) Just saying.  

The main reason for a jammed tool is this:  After inserting the needle into the layers of your project and pulling the trigger to insert a tak,,, you MUST release the trigger before pulling the needle out from your project.  Otherwise the ratcheting mechanism hasn't completed its action and the needle will get jammed with a tak in the channel of the needle.  

If that happens--PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE SCREWS IN THE TOOL!!!  Otherwise the above photo is what you will get.  If a jam occurs, simply turn the needle lock towards the nose of the tool and pull gently to get the needle out . This will release the trigger of the tool and the jam should be solved.  Then reinstall the needle. If you get a tak end stuck in the needle channel, you can remove it by sliding a needle along the channel to the point of the needle.   You are welcome to call us with other issues.  We want happy basters ;-))  grins for your day,, bari

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