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Another Fun Day at Work

So,, yesterday I was playing in the studio with good friend Carrie who owns the Wine Place in Yachats.  It's not Carrie's first trip to the studio.  She is always a little (lot) overwhelmed at the amount of "inventory" as she calls it and the color and sparkle the studio holds.  Yesterday she played with clay for the first time ever in her life..I think she is hooked.  I love it when folks come play in the studio with me--so many creative possibilities--it inspires me.

This is the "glass" part of the studio-perhaps Carrie will explore these possibilities next??
I was needing to conduct some QuilTak business at the same time so I called one of the inquiries received via email.  I love my job!  I get to talk to the sweetest folks.  This lady is from Massachusetts I believe she said.  She is over 80 years old and just a fun person to converse with.  She has an eight year old granddaughter who is hooked on sewing and crafting,, to her grandmas delight.

Buckets of every color shape, size and texture of glass.
  The story goes like this.  She has a friend who is 84 I think she said whose daughter found her a QuilTak at a yard sale recently.  Well that has changed her life literally.  This friend puts quilts together on a continual basis and gives them to folks in need or friends or whoever,, just so she has a reason to make another quilt.  I answered all her questions and she said she needed to talk with her friend and they would mail in an order. So a little while after talking to this lady, her friend called, the 84 year old, and we had a great chat.  She has five quilts waiting to be basted and she needs Taks quick for the tool.  I asked to make sure she had The Original QuilTak tool and she said, yes it was orange and had the sticker saying Flagstaff on it.  Well that was our original tool back 20 years ago.  I assured her that it still takes the same needles and taks, but the current tool is purple--of course. She's mailing in her order ;-)))
It is really nice to provide great customer service to the sweetest folks in the world--quilters!!!  And it's really, really, nice to be coming up on our 20 year anniversary of doing business.. Yeah for QuilTak!!!

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The Albany Historic Carousel
The Chicken

Horse before paint

Finished horse
So as you can imagine,, I really like Carousels and it is just the biggest treat to be able to go watch one being  born.  My friend Ellen Anderson met me in Albany last week,, a couple hour drive for each of us.  She stayed focused and took these photos, I on the other hand had big eyes and couldn't take it all in fast enough.  These pics show how the animals are constructed and finished.  They are especially amazing as they have many surprises when you take the time to look at them close.  Other animals are along for the to speak.  Our plan is to meet there at least once a month where the volunteers will help us learn to paint and carve animals for the Carousel.  What a treat!!

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