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Wooliemittens-How to stay warm and cozy

These folks are customers of QuilTak.  They have found a use for the tool and Taks to keep their mitten cuffs--Wooliemittens--secure in retail stores.  Those friends who live or perhaps have family or friends in colder climates,, check these cuties out,, they look and sound like they are the cats meow for keeping those digits warm and cozy. And the colors are wonderful--we can never have enough colors in the world,, especially when one lives in a dark, dreary land for months on end.

They also have an option of turning that favorite wool item/sweater into mittens. How cool is that! Grins

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We're Staying Put!

Maui Oct 2012 complete with "green flash"
My golly, what a roller coaster the last many months,, first let's make plans to move to Maui in a few years.  Next,,that was way too big,, so how about let's move to Albany, Oregon.  

Summer 2012 Albany, Oregon Carousel Project where I will volunteer monthly

Waldo Lake campout Sept 2012--bair & Gale

That is closer, closer to all we love to do,,hiking, kayaking, camping,, all without rain and wind.  But there were many  things about that goal that just didn't feel just right.. But I think it's the whole process that we have been doing the past several months that has helped us fine tune our true preferences.  If we moved,, we would leave our lovely spot on the Central Oregon Coast that we love so much.  We have gotten our home pretty much the way we want it.. so no more hard long weekends doing remodeling and repairs.  Just minor upkeep.  

The yard is wonderful, but time consuming at this point.  So the plan is to simplify all areas of our lives.  I think that may have been part of the reason we wanted to move,, we have had several "reduction sales" with moving in mind,, so we have been downsizing and it does feel wonderful.  

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