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Cleaning up

Saturday, January 21, 2012
Just a quick update to mark the progress of the “maui Journey”

It is so nice to be able to "purge" old files knowing what the future plans are--makes a lot more room, both in the office and in my head.

the "helper"
The office has never looked better or had more room to move—the cats are loving it. 

the storm blew out our topper side window on Gale's way to work on Tues.

looks like insurance will help ;-))
Our Oregon Coast Winter Storms have exceeded all predictions and expectations.. great information at and

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This and That

Sunday, January 08, 2012
Not sure what I was thinking—getting a new computer the last day of the year,, and having a copy of all the innards of the old computer transferred over to the “new” computer.. ??? Well a few glitches occurred,, but now all is well due to our great computer guru.  Thanks Urs!!  And so glad I had done a full back up before taking the tower in to have data transferred..  Now all I have to do is learn how to use the new computer—very fun adventure. 

Oregon sunset 1.7.12--my sweet mama's birthday..

A surprise, are these the cutest??

I have been diligent about the moving/simplifying/organizing process.  Each day I have done something to forward the process.  I have been a bit stuck in the office—at least now I know what the plan is and can clear out accordingly.  Here are a couple photos to show what it was the first of the year—looks a lot like a bomb went off,, but it is coming along,, having been going through files, drawers, shelves—haven’t touched the closet yet---that will be an all day activity.

Office closet--before

Office--more before

Have also been gathering fun pics of inspirational art—enjoy!
Driftwood with inserts

Mask--on side--clay with embellishments

this is a fence,, but pic is not wanting to turn itself properly--something to do with texting, emailing, blogging,, something got lost in translation ;-))

You all enjoy your Sunday,, it's another gorgeous day at the Central Oregon Coast.   

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