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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Is this water beautiful or what?? and it's warm!! We couldn't get enough.

It is such a treat to wake up with a smile and a plan.. who knew I needed a plan to look forward to in order to wake up with a smile.  We are having a quite beautiful sunrise here on the Central Oregon Coast.  No clouds,, no rain, no bugs.  This is one of the only places that I have lived where there are hardly any bugs,,, so now we will be moving to Maui where I am pretty sure the bugs are big and plentiful,,,I am sure there is lots to keep those little guys busy other than bugging me. 
Last night I packed up 3 good size boxes of garden books that I haven’t cracked in over two years.. what a gatherer I am.  It’s not that I lack the interest in the subject,, but really in today’s times, I would seek that knowledge on the internet,, takes seconds to find and there is so much available information for the reading. 
A few years back I took the Master Gardener course here in Lincoln County.. I took it mostly for my own knowledge and my,,, did I learn a ton.  I also learned how to access information via the internet.  Even though I am not now a practicing Master Gardener, the knowledge I attained is so valuable where ever we end up.  It would be nice to grow Tomatoes ;-)))
So the garden books are priced and stored in the back of our little “beach cottage”  aka: Sammi and Bobs travel trailer that is now coastal and will never see the road again due to rusted out axles… but it is a great space for storage and our friends and family to sleep when coming to the coast to visit.  No plumbing facilities, which makes the chances for a long visit a little uncomfortable,,, short and sweet,, that is the best sort of visit…  I have decided to price everything that is gathered for a garage/yard sale,, Don’t you just hate it when you have gathered all the stuff and nothing has a price and its time to have the sale????… Very overwhelming.  This adventure is about the fun in the journey.  We will have many “stuff reduction” sales between now and the time we leave and there will be lots of time to donate items that folks don’t want to pay for,,, but all the $$ gathered by sales will go into the “Move to Maui” fund.. it will be fun to watch the pennies grow.
Just opened my email and found this little note.. Right On!!
Most of you do not believe that it is your natural state of being to be well.
--- Abraham

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