Christmas Day 2011

Sunday, December 25, 2011

ghost trees at stump beach

sunset christmas eve

When it was decided whether or not to celebrate Christmas this year,, we were in a funk and so decided not to decorate or go to lots of trouble or to get gifts—wanting to put those dollars into the move to Maui fund.  Yesterday we figured it out that neither one of us had ever,,, not celebrated Christmas with lots of “ to Do’s” and busy times.  This year has felt so good.  We have gathered with lots of friends,, done some baking,,, listened to incredible Christmas music continually and today we are traveling to our very special friends from South Africa who now live in Dundee, OR—great wine spot.  Last night we gathered with other friends for food, games and lots of laughter and yesterday we got surprised by our other good friends with filled Christmas stockings,,,, so very fun—lots to smile about on this day.

pippin has got the idea,, belly up on a cat quilt on gale's lap--life is good =^..^=

It is so nice to have my energy and zest for life back---Yeah!!.. I have still been doing some each day towards the move and simplification of our lives.  It is good to move now and again just to rethink the stuff we have chosen to share our time and space with.  I now have a couple of large paper bags in the office where I put the items intended for the “sales”  It’s been very fun trying to fill them. 

You cannot judge the value of a life by its quantity. It is by the joy that you are feeling. The more joyful you are, the longer you live. Let yourself relax and breathe and be free and be joyous, and romp. The optimum physical life experience is to have plenty of things that stimulate you to desire, and an awareness of the way you feel, so you're reaching for thoughts that feel good—so you're wide open, so you're tuned in, tapped in, and turned on. We promise you, the timing of your death is always chosen by you.
--- Abraham

I am wishing each of you a truly special year filled with family and friends,, good times and lots of grins…that is what it’s all about after all.  Enjoy your day 

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