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Ravens Nest

We finally had a nice day here at the Central Oregon Coast,, we have many pieces and parts of beautiful days, and even with rain and storms, it's a wonderful place to be for the variety of weather.  Gale and I installed the Raven's nest in the old pine tree.  Pretty happy with how it looks,, we still have to see if it will withstand the storms at the coast.

The Raven peeking over the nest

The Ravens beaks

We think we have the nest well secured with wire and nails into the tree.  It's a fun addition to the front yard.  Best of all it is a completed project thought up 3 years ago. 

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Mosaic in the Studio

It was a dark and stormy day yesterday in the studio,, a great place to be on such a day.  We finished our projects and even had time to make some critters with the leftover grout.

Jill creating her bug

Cathi finishing up with her duck
Finished critters and designs. Great way to use up extra grout--Thanks Debi for the idea ;-))

Jill's Frog

Betty's Flower
Mary's Carrots
and Cathi's abstract--all turned out really well,, although these photos don't do them justice.  As said before,, it was a dark and stormy day, so you can't get the picture of the light showing behind the glass.  The were all great creations,, a good time was had by all.
Check back to Dec 2 post to view the before photos of the class.

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Stained Glass Mosaic

It's studio time now that the weather has changed and the outdoors doesn't call as loudly for tending and care.  New friends came to play yesterday and learn a new way to create art.

everything ready for their arrival

Mary, Jill, Betty and Cathi starting to create their pieces

Jill put together this great frog

Betty created this wonderful flower design

Cathi decided to let the glass talk to her with movement and color.  This will be very nice with light behind it.
Mary is making this carrot picture for her grandson,, they had fun digging them this summer. After it's grouted, I think the carrots will really pop out.
All in all we had a great time creating, visiting and of course eating all the fun snacks that were brought.  Next week we will grout the pieces and put hangers on them.  They will end up looking like stained glass when held up to a window.  

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