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Ravens Nest

We finally had a nice day here at the Central Oregon Coast,, we have many pieces and parts of beautiful days, and even with rain and storms, it's a wonderful place to be for the variety of weather.  Gale and I installed the Raven's nest in the old pine tree.  Pretty happy with how it looks,, we still have to see if it will withstand the storms at the coast.

The Raven peeking over the nest

The Ravens beaks

We think we have the nest well secured with wire and nails into the tree.  It's a fun addition to the front yard.  Best of all it is a completed project thought up 3 years ago. 

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Mosaic in the Studio

It was a dark and stormy day yesterday in the studio,, a great place to be on such a day.  We finished our projects and even had time to make some critters with the leftover grout.

Jill creating her bug

Cathi finishing up with her duck
Finished critters and designs. Great way to use up extra grout--Thanks Debi for the idea ;-))

Jill's Frog

Betty's Flower
Mary's Carrots
and Cathi's abstract--all turned out really well,, although these photos don't do them justice.  As said before,, it was a dark and stormy day, so you can't get the picture of the light showing behind the glass.  The were all great creations,, a good time was had by all.
Check back to Dec 2 post to view the before photos of the class.

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Stained Glass Mosaic

It's studio time now that the weather has changed and the outdoors doesn't call as loudly for tending and care.  New friends came to play yesterday and learn a new way to create art.

everything ready for their arrival

Mary, Jill, Betty and Cathi starting to create their pieces

Jill put together this great frog

Betty created this wonderful flower design

Cathi decided to let the glass talk to her with movement and color.  This will be very nice with light behind it.
Mary is making this carrot picture for her grandson,, they had fun digging them this summer. After it's grouted, I think the carrots will really pop out.
All in all we had a great time creating, visiting and of course eating all the fun snacks that were brought.  Next week we will grout the pieces and put hangers on them.  They will end up looking like stained glass when held up to a window.  

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Art Gallery in Yachats

I have been having a ton of fun getting ready to install my art in a new gallery down in Yachats as part of the Wine Place.  It has inspired me to create new pieces and coming up with more ideas by the minute.  I took these photos as we were loosing the light,, but perhaps you'll get the flavor of the space.  Lots of windows, skylights and painted in wonderful colors,, just right for me and my kind of art ;-))
mug rugs, cards with quilts and gales fun box
wall quilt, magnets, mosaic saucer, heart pins and coil pots

quilted wall hanging, decorative tiles

wall tiles, quilt art and small quilted hangings

one of my favorite pieces,, rainbows, raku fish and tiles
Show will open Black Friday and continue through Christmas, come visit if you are in the area.  Have committed for a six month stint,, should be a great place with all our wonderful folks visiting Yachats.

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Storybook Cute

Instead of feeling bad about not blogging for many months,, I am going forward from today realizing that I have been busy with other things.  Like camping and hiking and visiting with friends, gardening and life in general.  The weather here at the Central Oregon Coast is starting it's dark and stormy season.  Time to hunker down and do those fun inside projects.  

This large mushroom popped up in the yard over the weekend under the big pine tree,, pretty pleased with his appearance by all accounts.  Not tasty to eat however,, great to look at.

Enjoy your Monday!

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Ravens Nest

I have wanted to install a large nest in a shore pine that we cut most of the way down.  Only leaving enough trunk and limbs for the nest to sit on the tops of the cut branches.  I started gathering Kiwi vines, curly willow limbs and "harry" branches last year and wound them around this planter--24" across.  I let them dry last fall until now giving the "nest" the shape I wanted.

I purchased some small weave wire to build a "housing" for the nest.  We get 90 mile an hour winds around here and felt the need to be able to stabilize the nesting material to something less likely to blow away. So I am constructing a wire "nest" for the natural materials to sit in.  

This is the freshly cut "harry" (contorted hazelnut) and curly willow branches.

Here is a photo of the finished nest-but not installed.  Last year I took clay classes from a teacher in Philomath, Oregon with the idea of learning how to build sculpural pieces.  These ravens,, who look more like Heckel and Jeckel, were my artistic outcome.  They make me smile ,, so they will do for this project.  Will post more photos when we get the nest installed in the tree--hopefully today.

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Mosaic in the Studio

We usually have open studio on Fridays,, however that is soon to change to Wednesdays.  We are adjustable to others schedules and love having more folks come play.  My long time friend, Katy, who moved to this area the same month and year I did, has been coming to play in the studio for many years now.  Her current project just got completed today.  We are very excited.   Katy spent a few studios creating hand made tiles to go with her other treasures, such as Newport blue agates, treasures from her trip to Ireland, fossils, silver findings and other really fun stuff.  Here are the before photos.

This is before it was grouted.
A close up of the treasures.
A closeup of the other end.
Finished with dark blue grout.
Katy is now going to install this onto a ready made table which she will probably paint the sage green from the tiles in this mosaic.  It feels so good to get this project completed.  It's been being created for a good long while.  

Seal Rock, Oregon Seal Rock, USA
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It Works--the Rain Garden

A few years back, Gale and I pulled up the large round gutter pipe that was buried in our back yard.  We wanted the rain water from the gutters to filter through a "rain garden" instead of just quickly going through the pipe and ending up in a puddle at the back of the yard.  
It's a little hard to see if this idea works as I must go out in a downpour to investigate it's flow.  Well, today I put on the rain slicker and took some photos and it turns out it works very well.  
The photo below is where the gutter drain from all our buildings (house, breezeway, studio, tool/garden shed) exits.  The deluge had just stopped as I ran for the camera,, but there is still water to show how it worked.

The rain water then goes to the back of the RV pad and into an underground pipe for 5-7 feet.  This is where the moles have decided to do some reconstruction to the Rain Garden--very frustrating for us.

The water then pops out next to the island and continues down the "dry river bed".
Next is where it goes into another "tube" and goes to the back of the property to drain.

The river bed has tumbled glass, sea glass and agates as accents to the "look".  I am sure the moles appreciate the aesthetics of the total look ;-)))
In June the OSU folks are offering a Rain Garden seminar and I will be attending to glean any new wonderful bits of information--especially how to circumvent the mole activity!
BTW--the glass structures seen in these last two photos are of some yard art we created from some failed sun room windows given to us.  There are 4 windows in the yard, similarly created.  Makes a nice view. 

Seal Rock, Oregon Seal Rock, USA
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Spring Garden

It has been a gorgeous few weeks at the Central Oregon Coast-Seal Rock. We have been busy doing 2 years worth of cleanup and rearranging of garden spaces.  Last year went to studies for the Master Gardener Program and now I can put to use all that knowledge and great resource information. 

We have 4 raised beds-2 for daffies/dahlias and two that started out being "baby starter" beds several years ago.  The beds are wood planks  from the Ona Beach Bridge that were being thrown away.  Most of this yard is scavenged re-purposed  materials.  

This is the before "redo".  Somehow beach plants had gotten into the bed and choked out the Smoke bush, Dogwood and all the asters and other butterfly attractors.
Here is the bed after we pulled everything out, amended the soil and put most of the good stuff back in.  It is a very happy bed. 
This is a photo of the other bed after we replanted.  I happen to know there is a snake that lives under the driftwood just to the right a bit ;-))  The bed has a beautiful Clematis on the left side end, a Hydrangea, 3 Fuchsia bushes and other sweet little butterfly attractors.  On the right side end we have another Clematis and two small passion flower vines that are sort of limping along--soon to move to a more wonderful spot in the yard.  The front of this bed has succulents and lilies.  Lots of shells, tumbled rocks, agates and fossils adorn the spaces.  Happy gardening.  More to come.

This was a major task and it feels so good to have it done, so we can enjoy our efforts all year.  Bark chips will keep those weeds to a minimum for sure. 

Seal Rock, Oregon Seal Rock, USA
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Cats and Taxes

It is truly no wonder I have a hard time getting taxes done.  With all the extra help and fun antics of the four furries we live with.

This big boy "Tiggins" takes up my whole working space when he decides "scrubbings" are in order.

And just look how hard it would be to ignore the cutness going on in this mail bag--"lupin" you are a goof!

I must persevere, my accountant has said she will break my knees if I delay. But wait just two more photos of the other "kits"
This would be our Jaq cat who just got her hairs cut.  She is older and long haired, so twice a year we get her shaved to help with her grooming processes. She really looks like an Alpaca baby and loves her new "do".
This is our newest "kit" on the block,, Sayge.  She spends a lot of time in the deluxe cat tree we built.  She is really too cute for words and I find myself many times in a day reaching for the camera.  Very photogenic.

OK,, taxes here I come--Oh no,, Tiggins is asleep in the middle of my desk again, but I did just manage to get my calculator out from under his rather large and furry belly.  Oh My. The trials of a work at home, entrepreneur. 

I do need to mention that we are currently experiencing a huge wind/rain storm with stuff coming down sideways in all directions. WOW

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Clay Garden Orb

I have been having such fun.  Last fall I decided that I was deprived by living at the Oregon Coast away from continuing education in my chosen fields of interest.  Such as Mosaic, Quilting Arts, Ceramic etc.  I was also feeling the need to get some fresh information to share with my clay students that I teach on Tues and Thurs. So I signed up to study with a wonderful woman who has been doing clay for 40 years.  You would think that would make her very old, but she started young and has such a sweet style of teaching and sharing that my creative imagination with clay has blossomed.  Leslie Green, you are a gift. Have learned much each Monday for the 2 hour class.  I drive with with my good friend Dorian to Philomath, just west, over the coast range, an hour and a half a way.  Totally worth the trip each week. The drive is beautiful with lots of wildlife and varied vegetation.

This sphere was finished this weekend and I am really pleased with the way it turned out.  It is 31" around the middle, about the size of a basketball.  It was a very fun process to learn and I am hoping to make many more.  This one was "stamped" with a broken sunflower tile, giving it a mosaic look.  I look forward to Monday's now ;-))

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