Treasure Boxes and Bowls

I have been having a lot of fun playing in the studio the last couple of weeks. I have been sewing, quilting and playing with clay.  I also brought granny's crib that I converted into a couch, out to the studio for a wonderful cozy reading space.  That of course meant rearranging 25% of the studio, not an easy task.  But it is a sweet space and very inspiring.

This semester at the Waldport Afterschool program, I am teaching a Tuesday session of clay classes to the younger kids and then the older ones on Thursday.  We will be making clay "treasure" boxes and bowls.  I have been busy creating so that the kids will get to see examples of what we will do in class before they have to sign up for the semester.  I already have a great following of wonderful students that are looking forward to creating in clay.  

Here are some of the photos of the boxes/bowls.

These items will be ready to fire in the kiln in a few days and then I can glaze them. More photos to follow after they are colorful. Enjoy the day.

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One Response to Treasure Boxes and Bowls

  1. Wow! Love these! It will be nice to follow the progress as they get fired and glazed.


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