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Treasure Boxes and Bowls

I have been having a lot of fun playing in the studio the last couple of weeks. I have been sewing, quilting and playing with clay.  I also brought granny's crib that I converted into a couch, out to the studio for a wonderful cozy reading space.  That of course meant rearranging 25% of the studio, not an easy task.  But it is a sweet space and very inspiring.

This semester at the Waldport Afterschool program, I am teaching a Tuesday session of clay classes to the younger kids and then the older ones on Thursday.  We will be making clay "treasure" boxes and bowls.  I have been busy creating so that the kids will get to see examples of what we will do in class before they have to sign up for the semester.  I already have a great following of wonderful students that are looking forward to creating in clay.  

Here are some of the photos of the boxes/bowls.

These items will be ready to fire in the kiln in a few days and then I can glaze them. More photos to follow after they are colorful. Enjoy the day.

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Christmas Spiders

Last year, as in many other years, our friend Jac created a wondrous item for the Christmas season. She is known for her attention to itsy witsy fine detail work.  Last year our gift was a Christmas Spider.  She is a wonderful creation.  Along with the spider came the story of how a part of our Christmas traditions might have started. Last year and this year when Gale and I read the story again, as we hung the spider with the other ornaments, it just brought a sweet sense of joy.  The first 2 photos are of the spider hanging in our boughs among the other ornaments.  Good place for a Christmas spider ;-)))

Thank you Jac for a wonderful gift and sweet Christmas tradition.  The itsy, witsy colorful star in this photo is also her creation. About the size of a quarter and 3-dimensional.

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Christmas 2009

Thanks to son Aaron for doing a bit of redo on this site.  I really appreciate his talents and willingness to get me motivated in all sorts of directions. Well not so much motivated as more focused in various directions.  So many crayons and surfaces to play with.
Life is really good right now, as always.  I am so appreciative of all my well being and contentedness. The holidays are here and it is just a treat.  I have decided not to make baked goods this year.  Not for any other reason than the mood just didn't hit me, and that is OK ;-)).  I have been making baked goods for the last 40 years, so a break is feeling really decadent. So I am using all that extra time to play in the studio.
We have four kitties in our lives and they pretty much rule the pad.  Last year we came up with an idea for our xmas tree and it worked great.  We have a main beam that runs along the ceiling, the length of the house, giving it a vaulted look.  We string boughs with LED lights attached, then hang the ornaments from the boughs. Here are some photos from this year.  It's very cheerful and takes care of the issue of having a new kitten in our household during the "ornament" season. You can see photos of last years decorations in a previous blog.

We have started a few new traditions this year.  For the past several years we do the 12 days of Christmas for each other starting on the 13th.  So we each get to open a gift the morning of each of the 12 days.  Christmas morning we open our xmas socks.  This year on the first day of the 12, we grilled lobster tails.  We really liked that new tradition and it's a keeper for next year.  I know it looks like we have plenty of ornaments, but we are going to start getting each other a special ornament each year to add to the many wonderful ones already hanging in the boughs. Enjoy the day,

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