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Cross Country trip

Last week I helped sister Sammi and brother in law Bob on their long awaited move from Cleveland, Ohio to their property in Culver, Oregon.  This is a view of what they will see from the back of their home once it's finished.  It's called Juniper Butte and it's covered with sage brush and Junipers.  It smells so good around here. The sunrises and sunsets are incredible.  We are looking forward to visiting often.

These two folks are not this short, but this rig is really loonnnggg. We also had a CRV Honda pulling a skidoo trailer that looked like a turtle. Seen here next to the container--the item wrapped in gray tarp.

They have two of these long containers that they have been loading with worldly goods each year as they come visit and haul a trailer.  It's taken 4 years of careful planning, but now they have arrived and ground was broken on their new place this week.  Adair homes will be the builders.

Sammi is clear in the back of this container,, gives you a scope of how big these storage units are.  Eventually the two units will be closer together with a pole barn covering them.

I will share some fun art work that we found at the rest stops in Iowa later on.  Busy couple weeks coming up.  Grins.

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It's been a busy few weeks one way and another, but wanted to share some sweet photos of the home kids.

This is our Lupin-the baby at a couple of years, she is thinking that if she can ooze herself into that suitcase, we will have to take her with us.

This is our Jacq cat, who was named after the National Geographic explorer Jacques Cousteau. As a kitten she would just stand in the rain and get drenched. Water is still a huge factor in her daily life. She is resting her chin on the catnip toy and not about to budge.

Tiggins is our shy boy who just talked Jacq out of being on the top of the stereo. We keep the stereo on so they can lay on it and stay warm. They are all so spoiled.
This week we have our Alaskan friend Phyllis visiting us. She is at the beach as I catch up on this blog. I will be leaving the end of this week for Ohio where I will help sister Sammi and Bob drive cross country to Culver, Oregon to build their new home. We have been waiting for this day a long time. Bob is now retired, or will be officially on Friday. Now they can get on with the rest of their fun lives and plans. I will catch you all later in the month when I return from my journey. Photos will be taken along the way. Wishing up wonderful weather and good views. Grins for now. Bari

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