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Thank you my furry friend**Spuds**spring of 1992-February 28, 2009

Sometimes, if we are really fortunate, we get to share our lives with critters.  My little buddy Spuds was my gift for 17 years.  I adopted him from a farm family in Flagstaff for son Jesse, who really wanted a kitten so badly.  Soon after he came to live with us, he decided I was his main, and consistent meal provider which made  us best friends from then on. Spuds has lived in so many places, Arizona, Alaska, Ohio, New Mexico, Washington and Oregon.  He was a traveler because he loved the people who were in his life.  He touched so many and will be missed by all. 
He was usually in the middle of anything I was doing, from quilting to working on the computer.  He loved to sit on the back of  my computer chair and look over my shoulder to watch me type, responding to emails and checking the web.  Often times he would just be in the office with me asleep next to my chair. He truly was my companion. 
 We have 3 other feline friends in our family.  Spuds will be missed by Lupin, our 2 year old kitten.  Spuds helped raise her and they were great buddies. Tiggins and Jaque's life will be easier with Spud on his next adventure.  Our feline family dynamics will change a lot as Spud was always boss on every subject. He truly ruled the whole family. 
Spud was a healthy and happy guy. Gale and I had returned home Friday evening and spent some time watching TV with spuds in our lap-completely content to be with us, sprawled belly up.  Spud was happy and healthy right up to an hour before his passing. The doc diagnosed a blood clot. He rests in our secret cat garden near the forsythia bushes, close to his good buddy Biskut.

This boy is going to be missed, but mostly remembered for all his wonderfulness.  Thanks for being just right Spud and for sharing your life with all of us.
Best wishes on your next adventure... love from your moms and all the lives you have touched in your long and wonderful life.

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Fridays at dreamtyme studio

Well I have to say that Fridays fly by these days without a blog built.  But handily for me there is always Saturday early mornings catch up.  It has been a wonderful week here at the coast.  I am enrolled in the Lincoln County Master Gardeners Program through Oregon State University.  It's 10 weeks, all day Tuesdays.  Very intense and so interesting.  I have learned tons, and the folks there are just incredible.  There are 30 students and a lot of veterans each week as well as all the knowledgable speakers they have lined up for us. 

My weeks just don't have the free time built into them any more, which is fine, it's temporary.  I  have also just recently joined the Seal Rock Garden Club.  This little club really has just a ton of activities and programs.  Between the two garden related areas, my brain is getting very full. 

Last week through the Master Gardeners Program we went on a field trip to an apple orchard up the Alsea river 15 miles. Loyd was our host as it is his orchard.  Such a kind gentleman and his wife is a sweeti.  Loyd shared all about how he grafts apples of all sorts and how to prune and care for fruit trees.  It was just a delight.  And the bonus was they had big, fluffy, black and white chickens running loose. It was a wonderful day and I learned a ton. 

This week for the studio tour I wanted to share the top space a bit.  Over the last couple of months we have been working, with the help of friend Steve from Washington, to finish the insulation in the ceiling.  The job is complete! We had studio folks on Thursday and it was so nice and cozy in there.  I still need to do some rearranging up in the rafters, but all in all it is a very usable space.
This area faces the door to the breezeway.  Only one way in or out of the studio.  I have put old windows across the beams and store light weight items, such as baskets and dried flowers.  It keeps the ceiling "light" and airy feeling.
The photo below shows the reverse view looking from the door.  You can see the insulation.  We will keep it in it's rough form and not cover it up with anything at this point.  It was enough to get it installed and saving heat. 
I have hung many types of "twinkle" lights around the studio.  It really helps catch the light in the corners and make it cheerful and cozy.
I use the rafters to hang my hydranga blooms in the fall.  

Across the front of the studio in the eves I have many large pictures displayed.  Also many bird nest's and more baskets.  I use baskets to store and display all sorts of things.  I love baskets!. 
So there we go with another tour of part of the studio, a delicious place to play. Bari

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Pillow Case Demo

This is a very fun way to construct a pillow case. It will be a 2 part blog. I am going to use photos mostly for the visual. The directions I have on printed paper are good, but can be confusing without the visual.

You start with 27 inches of fabric that is 42-45 inches wide for the main body of the pillow case. Make sure each end has been "squared" up. Cut a piece of complimenting fabric for the band, 9" by 45" and iron in half lengthwise. Your accent strip is cut 2" by 45" and is also ironed in half lengthwise.

This is the tricky part to understand and visualize, but let's give it a go.
1.)Lay the body of the case, pretty side up.
2.)Lay the accent strip on top of the body of the case, raw edges even, along upper edge of the band.
3.)Lay the constrast band, right side down, along the edge of the body and accent strip.
4.)Roll the main body of the pillowcase up until it's in the under the contrast band.
5.)Pull the bottom edge of the contrast band under the rolled body, and lay it along the edge with the all other pieces, raw edges even. You will have 5 raw edges to pin when aligned correctly.

 It will look like a tube with the accent strip and body of the case inside and the contrast strip enclosing all of it.
Pin in place.

Sew along edge, then turn right side out through end of contrast band.

This is the tricky part to explain, so I am hoping these photos do the trick.

The second part of this demo will show how to finish the sides.

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Pillow Case Demo Part 2

This will be mostly visuals--you are going to finish the side seams of your pillow case by using a French seam.

But first press your pillow case flat, removing all the wrinkles. Then sew a top stitch along the length of the accent band through all layers about 1/4 inch from the seam line. If you don't sew this down, the accent strip tends to get wrinkly in the dryer and doesn't lay well.

Pin wrong sides together, (pretty side showing) raw edges even and sew 1/4" seam down side and across bottom.

Pull pillow case inside out and press seams smoothly against the seam line. Sew a 3/8" seam down the side and across bottom. This seam needs to be a little wider or you will end up with the raw edges from the French seam showing on the pretty side of the pillow case.

Let me know if all this makes sense and is easy to follow--have fun with this. Remember, you can enlarge these photos for detail clarification by putting your cursor on the photo and clicking on it. It's a fast easy way to make last minute gifts for loved ones.
This pillow case was made for my Valentine's sweetheart. Grins, Bari

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Fridays at dreamtyme studio

More bits and pieces this week at dreamtyme studio.
This first photo is of the entrance to the studio. You come in through the breezeway and enter through the glass door. This door was installed by Brother-in-Law Bob, and "passed" along to me from nephew Jamey John. It replaced an ugly old metal solid door and makes all the difference for letting in light. Bob has helped with many projects in and around the studio. This summer we hope to put on a covered and enclosed sitting area in front of the studio to shelter us from the wind when we want to be outside. We will use the sun tuff for the roof and we have some recycled many pane windows that will work as the wind break. I have been collecting commercial tiles of all sorts, colors and sizes. I want to install a floor on the cement patio inside where this area will be. I will keep you posted with photos and progress.

This was going to be the last studio tour for a while, but there is just still so much more to share and many more projects to do that are interesting to post,, so we will keep going for now.
This area with the chair is cozy for sitting and either reading or doing hand work. Sometimes folks just sit and visit. It is located next to the main studio table.

The beading and embellishment area holds many fun and colorful items for creating. Boxes of beads, tins of wire and string and many sorts of tools for assembling items. The "curtain" that is above the table covers a window that was from the old Swarthmore home in Philly. The curtain is made up of left over blocks from other projects and pieces together to make a cover. Originally I made it to be a pillow scarf, but get more use out of it this way.

Today we are finishing the insulation in the studio ceiling. That will make such a difference in the coziness of the place. Friend Steve is helping, along with Gale and little bair.
Must go for now and rearrange the stuff in the rafters for insulating. Grins, Bari

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Fridays at dreamtyme studio

It's a little damp and dreary here at the Central Orygun Coast--but that's OK. We have had a beautiful stretch of good weather and we need the rain to keep us the greenest state ever. Besides, the weeds will pop out of the ground so much easier tomorrow for Saturday chores.

I am going to share a few photos of odd bits of stuff in the studio today.

This is the stained glass area. It consists of a conference table with small buckets to hold bits of colored glass. When cleaned up a bit it has enough space on the surface to work on projects. I have a skirt around the table to hide the larger pieces of glass under the table and the grinder. The "walls" in the background are turn of the century doors from the Swarthmore house in Philli. They form a barrier between the studio space and a 4 foot place behind where storage happens.

These drawers are from a dresser that didn't make the trip to Oregon. So the drawers were re serviced to provide much needed storage. They are up and out of the way and house things only needed occasionally.

This area is our "water" station. There isn't any plumbing in the studio, so we adopted this cart to hold the large bucket of water and spiket with a dishpan under it to catch the water as we wash our hands. It works really well and was so much less expensive than getting the studio plumbed.

We had studio last night and had 6 of us in there working on all sorts of things. Debra was learning how to play with fimo and make faces with it. Katy was finishing up her mosaic flower pot by sealing it and she also helped Debra produce some good looking fimo faces. Sharon created a wonderful eye glass chain by using parts from one she didn't like and used new colorful beads for a new cheerful chain. Dorian learned all about mitering corners on quilting projects and got very far sewing the binding on the wall quilt Debra had given her. Gale helped show Debra the "how to's" of fimo and kept the conversation lively. I worked on the tent trailer curtains. Four down and four more to go. We all brought yummy food to share and tasty drinks were had by all. Thanks Debra for sharing your newly acquired stash.

I tried a new salad recipe for studio that I liked quite well. It was created out of what I had on hand in the fridge and pantry. Open one can of Trader Joe's canned chicken-drain (pour liquid into 4 little dishes for the kitties to enjoy--they come running when the can opener is operated)and dump in bowl. Add drained can of water chestnuts, one chopped up apple, two stalks of celery-diced, add a handful of Trader Joe's orange flavored craisens, season, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise and mix thoroughly. Serve on a bed of mixed greens. Yummy!

The dreamtyme studio is truly a wonderful place to gather and create. I am thankful for it on a daily basis. Bari

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