Fridays at dreamtyme studio

This week I think we will finish looking at the floor and area around the central gathering table. The table seats four folks comfortably and has a florescent light above it with lots of fun decorations, including glass dragonflies and a wonderful green fairy with feather wings. We have four folding chairs that I have put extra padding on for comfort and covered them using the decoTak Buttoneer to attach the fabric to the original cushion. Will show photos of that method on a later blog.

This floor was originally plain cement. I rolled the purple paint on and had a ton of fun putting the designs on. The yellow swirl was done with a small wisk broom. Most of the other designs were done with chunky stamps and rubber stamps.
I didn't seal this floor after painting it and I am pleased with how well it has held up. Only in the area around my sewing table has the paint chipped away. In the lower photo you can see a crack in the floor, which is what cement tends to do in this area. There are a few cracks in the floor through out the studio, but no worries. A future plan is to fill them with clear caulking and insert beads into the crack so it looks like little streams of jewels moving through the studio. A summer project for sure-but will keep you posted.

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One Response to Fridays at dreamtyme studio

  1. I love your studio! This is one of my favorite places in the WHOLE world to be! I'll help you with the beads in the cracks :-)) I love it when you let me play in your studio! When I click on your photos & make them LARGER, it's almost as good as being there...


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