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Fridays at dreamtyme studio

Another Friday is upon us--YEAH!. Just a quick tour today of the fabric area and design wall. I found this wonderful shelving unit many years ago at IKEA and it makes fabric organization easy. The two units to the left hold the batik fabrics.
Appears blogger is having a photo uploading issue--so we will try to work around it another way. ;-))
Two days later,,, we finally found another way around bloggers photo issue....
I have attached "roman shades" to the top of this unit, so that when they are down, they protect my fabric from light and dust, but also give me a design wall to work from.
The three carts under the cutting table hold all of my bits of scrap fabric sorted into colors. This is my favorite place to go first when I start a new project. I also have a basket filled with small bits of batik scraps that I pull from often. Until next week,, grins, Bari

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Redo of the Studio Folding Chairs using decoTak Buttoneer

I know I have already written on this subject today,, but what can I say--I'm on a roll. Folks have been asking for demo photos on how to use this tool, so this is what I have and can share.

These chairs are the kind that usually go with a card table. They had some padding, but not nearly enough for my unpadded hind end. So I fetched up some used decorator pillows that were hanging about the studio and purchased some fun decorator fabric for the cushion coverings.
I chose to have the decoTak Buttoneer nubs be all but invisible for this project. They really blend with the button fabric. The nubs are about the size of the holes for the buttons on the fabric. If you enlarge these photos, you can see the detail of the nubs.

My most favorite thing when starting a new project is to see what I already have that can be re serviced into the new project--like these pillow forms.

I cut the fabric much larger than the chair top as I wanted to fold under the edge of the fabric to help make the insertion of the decoTak Buttoneer nubs more secure. I then started in the front, folding the fabric under about 2 inches and inserting the needle into the existing cushion to eject a nub by squeezing the scissor handle on the tool. After inserting a few nubs in front, I went to the back of the chair and pulled the fabric taunt across the cushions and inserted more nubs the same way as the front. When I had inserted several nubs to hold the front and back secure, I stretched the fabric across the sides of the chair, inserting nubs to hold it secure.
When I got to the corners, I wrapped it like I would a package,, easing the extra fabric along the sides a bit so it wouldn't be too "bunchy" at any one point. Use plenty of nubs to make your project more secure.
Again, this was a very fast and easy project. This is the second time I have redone these chairs in the last year and a half. The first fabric is the one I redid the studio chair with in the former blog. It is so nice to have the capability of changing a look without the expense of taking it to an upholsterer. With this tool and the QuilTak and other decoTak tools, you are able to change your decorating schemes with very little time and money. All of the decoTak tools can be used in a similar way,, just mostly depending on your fabric weight.
I have a couple of other projects up my sleeve,, so I will keep you posted with photos and how to's. grins, bari

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Quick Cushion Redo Using decoTak Buttoneer Tool

Today I wanted to follow through on my promise to show photos on how the decoTak Buttoneer works and can save you time and money. I have an office stool that I just love. I have had it since Flagstaff-maybe 15 years or so. The padding has broken down and was uncomfortable to sit on. I love the stool because it has an up-down feature that makes it either dining table height or bar stool tall. It lives in the studio where I can use it at many different work surfaces, depending on what my project is. It's great when working at the ironing board for an extended time. So the other day I decided to put a bit more padding in it and also change the look.

I first found a pillow that would work for the padding, then cut a piece of decorator fabric larger than what I needed. This piece of fabric is actually from a former project of covering the studio folding chairs. I redid those using this same technique and covered them with black and white button motif fabric. I knew I wanted to fold the fabric under about 2 inches to give the folded edge more strength when I attached the fabric with the decoTak Buttoneer to the existing cushion.

I then inserted the needle into the front of the existing chair cushion/new fabric to hold it in place and also in the back of the stool cushion. I then started inserting the nubs into the cushion/new fabric putting a nub about every 2 inches. After inserting several in the front and back, I stretched the fabric across the cushion from side to side and did the same method as the front and back. The way this tool works, is you insert the needle all the way into your project and then pull the trigger, holding it secure in the cloth. Then by pulling the trigger, a nub is released that has a larger nub on the front-where it will show and a sort of T shape that goes into the fabric and keeps the layers secure. Great for inserting the nubs into foam.

This stool is now a very fun and cushy place to hang out. I have noticed that students, family and friends gravitate to it now that it's got it's new look and comfort.

In the next blog I will show a closer photo of inserting the decoTak Buttoneer into the studio folding chairs.

The reason I said this tool would save you money, is that this stool was not made to be reupholstered. I didn't have the option of taking the old cushion apart and starting new. So for me this was a great fix and also very quick and easy. The decoTak Buttoneer nubs come in rainbow colors and also black and white. So you can either choose to have the nubs be a part of the design and show or be less noticeable with the option of color blending. I am always happy to answer any questions,, just email me. grins,, bari

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Fridays at dreamtyme studio

I have been having a lot of fun in the studio recently. Niece, little bair, came down from Washington to play last weekend and we really got a lot done. We both worked on our Traveling Rows blocks and each got two sets finished. Traveling Rows currently is a group of 8 friends who live across the country. We each choose our own theme and make 6 blocks with that theme in mind. We then send the blocks to the next person on our list, so they can make six more blocks. We have 2 months to complete the set of blocks before passing it on. Some of the themes this year are, leaves, oriental, coffee, wild purple quilt, dragonflies, fish and stars. This is our third year to do this and we all really enjoy it. When the squares get back to us, we each will have at least 48 blocks, enough to put together a small quilt or add to it to make a larger creation. In a later blog I will show the "cat" quilt from last year and the process of putting it together.

Another bit of the studio revealed today,, it is the center "island" where ironing is performed. The island is made up of an old steamer trunk which houses craft materials. The ironing board sits in front of the trunk. The ironing board is shaped like a bass fiddle and works great for laying blocks out.

The suitcases on the end are filled with flannel fabrics, and the baskets on top of the cases hold my small pieces of batiks with the basket in back holding the "bits" of batiks.

The backside of this "island" is part of the studio library. Old wooden apple crates have been painted and stacked to hold sections of books on different topics.

This ironing area of the studio gets a lot of use as it's close to the sewing and cutting areas.

More next week.

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Fridays at dreamtyme studio

Another Friday at dreamtyme studio, yes, I know this is really Saturday, but Friday got away from me. The sun was shining the whole day.

These buckets, drawers and baskets hold rubber and foam stamps, laces,imprinting pieces and other stamping supplies-anything fun that will make impressions in clay.

This is the glaze area where we store low-fire glazes. We attach a small tile to the lid of the glaze jar after we have fired it, so we can see how the glaze will respond to the clay.
This whole corner of the studio is dedicated to clay. It's a great work space and all tools and supplies are handily available with large surfaces to play on. Makes you want to come in the studio door and create. The sun is shining again today,, must go kayaking-photos to follow hopefully. Grins

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A walk at the beach 1.11.09

Here are just a few photos of a beach walk the other day.

Recent slides on the cliffs due to all this big weather

Hearts in the Rocks, you see them everywhere in nature if you just look. These are fossilized shells

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Heart-warming Oatmeal Recipe

This is my most favorite oatmeal recipe. This is a variation of the recipe sister Sammi cooked up. When I was a kid, my dad would insist that we start our day with a bowl of hot "mush" like, Cream of Wheat, MaltoMeal, RomanMeal or some such gruel. My belly was never awake at that hour,, really not until around 10ish to this day. Coffee and lots of water in the am for me please. Here's' the magic recipe-I try to get my supplies from Trader Joe's, they make the best food.

Heart-warming Oatmeal

Add 2 cups water in pan with lid.
Add small apple, peeled, cored and chunked up.
Bring to boil with lid on.
Add TJ orange flavored craisins-1/8 cup
Add TJ Jumbo Medley Raisins- 1/8 cup
Add 2 cups of TJ Country Choice organic Multi Grain Hot Cereal
This has Rye, Barley, Oats and Wheat.
Stir this mixture just till mixed, cover with lid and turn off the heat.
Let set on burner for 10 minutes.

A little brown sugar is very delicious on this cereal, as well as a bit of milk. Also very tasty with bits of pecans sprinkled on top.

You end up with a light and fluffy oatmeal cereal that is not mushy. Keeps well in the fridge for several days. Let me know how you enjoyed this after you try it. It's a keeper.

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Fridays at dreamtyme studio

This week I think we will finish looking at the floor and area around the central gathering table. The table seats four folks comfortably and has a florescent light above it with lots of fun decorations, including glass dragonflies and a wonderful green fairy with feather wings. We have four folding chairs that I have put extra padding on for comfort and covered them using the decoTak Buttoneer to attach the fabric to the original cushion. Will show photos of that method on a later blog.

This floor was originally plain cement. I rolled the purple paint on and had a ton of fun putting the designs on. The yellow swirl was done with a small wisk broom. Most of the other designs were done with chunky stamps and rubber stamps.
I didn't seal this floor after painting it and I am pleased with how well it has held up. Only in the area around my sewing table has the paint chipped away. In the lower photo you can see a crack in the floor, which is what cement tends to do in this area. There are a few cracks in the floor through out the studio, but no worries. A future plan is to fill them with clear caulking and insert beads into the crack so it looks like little streams of jewels moving through the studio. A summer project for sure-but will keep you posted.

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Dancing Chickens Wall Quilt

I am going to show photos of my favorite way to baste quilts. I think it is the easiest and fastest method ever. I actually wrote a book on the subject. Bari's Book of Quilt Basting & Batting Basics. There are lots of tools and many different ways to baste a quilt, but this one is my favorite.
If it's a small quilt, I can use my cardboard folding table, leftover from about 50 years ago when I made clothing. You can also use this method on the carpeted floor-sticking pins directly into the floor.

Press the backing and top. Pin the back to the surface (pretty side down) making sure it is flat and smooth.

Layer the batting on top of the back, moving your pins to the batting and going through the back to your pinning surface. Then layer your top, pretty side showing. Move your pins so that all three layers are secured, flat and smooth, not stretched.

Now you are ready to baste. On a small quilt you can use either MicroStitch, also known as decoTak Lite, or QuilTak to secure your layers before quilting. You can go to or to learn more about these products.

Unpin one edge of your layers and put your hand under the quilt. Insert the needle of the tool making sure there is room for the needle to discharge the tak under the surface of the quilt layers.
Now is where pictures work better than words.

Baste about every 4-5 inches going across the quilt in rows. Remove pins from the sides of the quilt as you baste each row. Fold the quilt-don't roll-as needed to get to the next section for basting.

You can zoom in on this photo to see the MicroStitch taks better. They are tiny, be careful when you remove them after quilting your project.

This Dancing Chickens Wall Quilt is now ready for machine quilting. I am looking forward to playing with the design with thread. More photos when it's done.

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Central Oregon Coast

Crab boats in the distance with the light!
Looking south at Ona Beach point--our westerly backyard.

Little birdies eating goodies in the sand--running here,,,running there.

This is some sort of "jelly" that lands on our beach. Very large!

We have many sorts or fossils here. This is a nice speciman with two shells, almost attached to each other in a bed of sandstone.

These are Seagull prints. We live two blocks east of the ocean. When I put bread crumbs out for the crows, the Seagulls know instantly that food is afoot and come flying. But they don't really stay in our neighborhood,, only at the beach. Amazing!

Looking west.

Turns out, yesterday the sun came out for 2 minutes,, so I took some photos of our beach walk,, enjoy!

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Fridays at dreamtyme studio

I know we are all making new years resolutions, and I am all about making them fun so they will continue to be accomplished. So I have decided to make Fridays on Bari Patch to be tours of dreamtyme studio. There is so much to share that it will easily take us into spring to get the full concept of what this space is.

I am always enthralled visiting or reading about other's studio spaces. I love my studio space and have made it what I wanted it to be, but also it has evolved and become what it has wanted to be, no mistake about it. How that happens is, when friends and relatives have art materials or funky stuff with no longer a need to have it in their lives, they think of my studio. Thus the eclectic mix of wonderful possibilities are melded. I go through periods thinking I should clear out and simplify the space, but when I go to do this, I ,am so overwhelmed, that I freeze up and go away. So, the studio and I have come to an understanding fairly recently, and that is, keep the studio so that the surfaces can be used, not all cluttered and put stuff away after finishing each project. This has been working for both of us.

So I would like to take you on a tour of the Studio over the next many Fridays. A little background would be helpful. When I purchased this place in 2004, I bought it because of the 2 car garage that I knew could be converted into a studio space. That is what happened on the weekend I moved in. Family members from all over the country arrived and helped create the "bones" of the place. I had acquired many doors and windows from the last place I had lived near Philadelphia, PA, due to the building needing updating. The windows in the front of the studio are from this old home, as well as the side windows.Photos will be shown later of the outside of the studio.

When I moved into the house, all of the boxes were put in the studio. (floor to ceiling) The first thing I wanted to do was to paint the cement floor. It was done in quarters. I moved all the boxes many times making space to paint. I rolled on purple floor paint-2 coats, then used large foam and rubber stamps with all colors of latex paint to "decorate" the floor. I will post a photo of the floor later. You can see glimpses of it in these photos. Right now it is cool in the studio, so I have throw rugs in many of the areas.
This table was purchased as an antique in philly. It was ugly brown and had 4 chairs. I painted it with kilz, then did a glaze technique with the purple in two shades of paint. I decoupaged the pages from a Patience Brewster calender and some greeting cards I had received. It is just the funnest place to sit and do projects. This table is really the hub of the studio.
This studio has many areas of creation possibilities. Quilting/Sewing, Embellishment, Beading, Clay, Tiles, Mosaic, Rubber Stamping, Rubber Stamp Making, Stained Glass, Stained Glass Mosaic, Leaf Casting, Fimo Clay, Kiln, Several small libraries on each subject. Storage for Tools and Paints. It serves many purposes and all them them involve creativity.
I hope you have enjoyed this bit of a tour, more next week

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