Christmas with Cats

Well it's that time of year again. We have traveled to Mexico the last two first parts of December, so that by the time we got back off a very warm vacation, the xmas mood had passed. We did not do decorations and felt a bit sad about it. However this year we went on our vacation to Hawaii in early November, thus leaving plenty of time on our return to get in the xmas spirit. Last year we picked up some green garland and lights at the after xmas sales thinking that this year we would decorate our center beam. We have 4 cats who, if given the chance to destroy a xmas tree, would literally jump at it. So we decided the beam was safe.

It has been a treat. A tradition, my partner Gale and I started a few years ago, was to exchange the 12 days of xmas wtih each other. I had gathered 3 sets of Harry and David boxes that used to hold 12 different fruits, nuts and candies for the 12 days of xmas. So we choose a set of boxes to give to the other and start handing out the treats on the 13th of December. When you see these pictures, that is what the little boxes hanging from the garland are all about.

After not decorating for xmas for several years, it was like coming across old friends when we unearthed our individual ornaments to hang. What a journey. I have an ornament from when I was in my teens and my sock is from when I was born. That's a lot of years. The ornaments tell a story of journeys across the country. Ornaments from Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Pennsylvania and Oregon. They bring back such sweet memories of times past that have been forgotten until that moment when they appear out of the colored tissue paper.

This weekend we will do baking and get packages ready to send to our loved ones across the country. It's supposed to snow and be very cold. Our original plan was to go to Belknap Hotsprings to test out our new tent trailer. But with 3 mountain passes and temperatures in the 20's and snow level to 500 feet, we decided xmas baking was a safe bet. Bari

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4 Responses to Christmas with Cats

  1. But Christmas just isn't the same without your best son, is it?

  2. can you hear me now?

  3. Hey best son,, we are just a short flight away. You could come pick up your short breads and nuts in person. No cacti here. Mom

  4. I have to say,, as a mom of four incredibly wonderful sons, that they are all my very best sons. It is a privalege to be called their mom. I am thinking of all of them during this xmas season and remembering the fun times with past Christmas's together. Thanks Aaron for setting this blog up for me. mom


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