Creative Energy

Sometimes my creative energy is exponentially higher than at other times. I do love it when I wake up like I did this morning raring to go and filled with creative ideas. I have wanted to track the energy to see if it's a cyclical thing, weather related, or just it is what it is. I guess we need the
down time to get ready for the times when we are zooming from dawn til dusk, like yesterday and the day before. I just always want to stay on this roll, filled with energy and good creative ideas.

Yesterday I created two of the stained glass windows I was describing in my earlier post. Although they look large here, they are 8x10 inexpensive photo frames. So the process is to take the frame apart and clean the glass well on both sides. Then glue your colored glass pieces to the photo frame glass.

I let it dry overnight and will get it grouted this weekend and show photos when they are complete.

Another idea I just thought of is to use bits of clear textured glass in the frame. When I was living in Flagstaff, Arizona I took a class on stained glass and that was our first project. I have included a photo of this piece. It has traveled to many parts of the country since it's creation and is a little rough around the edges for wear, but still nice to look through.

This blog project is very inspiring to me. I love to teach folks how to do things I have learned myself. It's a great avenue for me to spread the word about these creative projects and maybe inspire someone else towards finding their own creative energy. Grins,, Bari

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One Response to Creative Energy

  1. the clear glass is stunning. the ups and downs of creative energy I will never understand. I can be raring to go and then collapse into a deep and long nap. I do believe there are nuggets of creativity found in those down times. Ellen


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