QuilTak's New Website

It's a new year and QuilTak has a new website.  We would love for you to follow us there, which is connected to the BairPatch Blog.  All our new entries will appear on the website under BariPatch Blog.  I will be blogging on Fridays about DreamTyme Studio through the next couple of months.
Here is the address :    http://www.quiltak.com
The BariPatch Blog address is:   http://www.quiltak.com/blog/

Enjoy your visit ;-))  Bari

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Never a good look in the QuilTak office....

.....this happens sometimes,, but not very often over the last 24 years.  But un-repairable.  We have a great source for help on our website,, just send us a note or call us and we can talk you through just about any QuilTak tool issue over the phone,, and I am pretty sure we have heard them all ;-))) Just saying.  

The main reason for a jammed tool is this:  After inserting the needle into the layers of your project and pulling the trigger to insert a tak,,, you MUST release the trigger before pulling the needle out from your project.  Otherwise the ratcheting mechanism hasn't completed its action and the needle will get jammed with a tak in the channel of the needle.  

If that happens--PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE SCREWS IN THE TOOL!!!  Otherwise the above photo is what you will get.  If a jam occurs, simply turn the needle lock towards the nose of the tool and pull gently to get the needle out . This will release the trigger of the tool and the jam should be solved.  Then reinstall the needle. If you get a tak end stuck in the needle channel, you can remove it by sliding a needle along the channel to the point of the needle.   You are welcome to call us with other issues.  We want happy basters ;-))  grins for your day,, bari

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Backing up Data-Just Do It!

So,,, I am not truly consistent about backing up my data on my computers and various devices on a regular schedule.  However I am really good about backing up to my mobile hard drive before I update my computers.  But, what I realize is that I am taking for granted the fact that the back up will work if I have an issue like I did yesterday when my main computer that I run two businesses off of, Crashed while upgrading to El Capitan.  

YIKES!!  So I am here to tell you that those back ups do work and it's always especially lovely when you have a tech savvy web support folk on the phone to hold your hand while your computer is trying to figure itself out.  All is well--disaster was averted and I will encourage each of you to back up your data.  I was most worried about all our of photos.  Talk about heart failure.  I am investigating more ways to protect those precious memories.

Molokai, Hawaii
Today I am going to ClayWorks in Toledo to play with clay.  A nice alternate activity to working on the Computer ;-)) After yesterday's stress I am looking forward to the change of venue.  grins,, bari

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A New Beginning for 2016

The Oregon Coast

It's been awhile ;-)) (don't even go look for the date of the last posting)  what can I say,?? life happens and we do the best we can do with the adjustments we can make.  But lots of fun stuff is happening for QuilTak at the start of this new year.  And it's worth mentioning.  QuilTak is 23 years old!!! and we are getting a fresh look on our new packaging for our product line!  We have enlisted a graphic designer, Janessa at JB Design, in Eugene, Oregon,who does Photography and Graphics.  We are going for Purple ink on our card stock and a nice clean look on our design.

We are also getting a new website design from our long time Webmaster, Gray's Web Design.  One that will be mobile friendly and have a blog included. So hopefully this blog will make a smooth transition to that site.  And room for some You-Tube video's.  We will also put our toe in the water for email marketing.  But... we will only be sending relevant info for how to use the QuilTak tool and other fun tips,,, mostly from my book- Bari's Book of Quilt Basting and Batting Basics. No spam coming from us ;-))  It's quite the learning curve, I have to say,, and it seems like it all is happening at once.  Staying up with the times and all.  Coming up on 65 next month, all I have to say is it's either going to keep me sharp or kill me.  Hoping for the first option.

We did have a fun get together a while back in the studio.  Lots of great stuff was created.  Here are a few pics just for grins.  Sammi Cutler/Sister, Bari Williams/Niece, Ellen Anderson/True Blue long time friend and myself.  Tons of fun was had by all.

Doesn't this make you just want to go create ;-)) That's what it does to me.  Heading to the studio now. grins. bari

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The Arizona Desert is very different from the Central Oregon Coast

i am currently visiting my sons in Arizona.  I really love the different landscaping and plants in this area.  While walking in the neighborhood I was amazed at the different, healthy cactus and bushes.

These Bougainvillea  bushes are lush and gorgeous!

This group made me smile,, but I didn't get too close.

Another little family

These were blooming and very interesting to look at.

A closer look
And the real reason for coming to Arizona was to meet some new grandsons and be at my son Sandy's wedding.  A really nice trip.

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Another Fun Day at Work

So,, yesterday I was playing in the studio with good friend Carrie who owns the Wine Place in Yachats.  It's not Carrie's first trip to the studio.  She is always a little (lot) overwhelmed at the amount of "inventory" as she calls it and the color and sparkle the studio holds.  Yesterday she played with clay for the first time ever in her life..I think she is hooked.  I love it when folks come play in the studio with me--so many creative possibilities--it inspires me.

This is the "glass" part of the studio-perhaps Carrie will explore these possibilities next??
I was needing to conduct some QuilTak business at the same time so I called one of the inquiries received via email.  I love my job!  I get to talk to the sweetest folks.  This lady is from Massachusetts I believe she said.  She is over 80 years old and just a fun person to converse with.  She has an eight year old granddaughter who is hooked on sewing and crafting,, to her grandmas delight.

Buckets of every color shape, size and texture of glass.
  The story goes like this.  She has a friend who is 84 I think she said whose daughter found her a QuilTak at a yard sale recently.  Well that has changed her life literally.  This friend puts quilts together on a continual basis and gives them to folks in need or friends or whoever,, just so she has a reason to make another quilt.  I answered all her questions and she said she needed to talk with her friend and they would mail in an order. So a little while after talking to this lady, her friend called, the 84 year old, and we had a great chat.  She has five quilts waiting to be basted and she needs Taks quick for the tool.  I asked to make sure she had The Original QuilTak tool and she said, yes it was orange and had the sticker saying Flagstaff on it.  Well that was our original tool back 20 years ago.  I assured her that it still takes the same needles and taks, but the current tool is purple--of course. She's mailing in her order ;-)))
It is really nice to provide great customer service to the sweetest folks in the world--quilters!!!  And it's really, really, nice to be coming up on our 20 year anniversary of doing business.. Yeah for QuilTak!!!

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The Albany Historic Carousel

The Chicken

Horse before paint

Finished horse
So as you can imagine,, I really like Carousels and it is just the biggest treat to be able to go watch one being  born.  My friend Ellen Anderson met me in Albany last week,, a couple hour drive for each of us.  She stayed focused and took these photos, I on the other hand had big eyes and couldn't take it all in fast enough.  These pics show how the animals are constructed and finished.  They are especially amazing as they have many surprises when you take the time to look at them close.  Other animals are along for the ride..so to speak.  Our plan is to meet there at least once a month where the volunteers will help us learn to paint and carve animals for the Carousel.  What a treat!!

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Wooliemittens-How to stay warm and cozy

These folks are customers of QuilTak.  They have found a use for the tool and Taks to keep their mitten cuffs--Wooliemittens--secure in retail stores.  Those friends who live or perhaps have family or friends in colder climates,, check these cuties out,, they look and sound like they are the cats meow for keeping those digits warm and cozy. And the colors are wonderful--we can never have enough colors in the world,, especially when one lives in a dark, dreary land for months on end.

They also have an option of turning that favorite wool item/sweater into mittens. How cool is that! Grins


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We're Staying Put!

Maui Oct 2012 complete with "green flash"
My golly, what a roller coaster the last many months,, first let's make plans to move to Maui in a few years.  Next,,that was way too big,, so how about let's move to Albany, Oregon.  

Summer 2012 Albany, Oregon Carousel Project where I will volunteer monthly

Waldo Lake campout Sept 2012--bair & Gale

That is closer, closer to all we love to do,,hiking, kayaking, camping,, all without rain and wind.  But there were many  things about that goal that just didn't feel just right.. But I think it's the whole process that we have been doing the past several months that has helped us fine tune our true preferences.  If we moved,, we would leave our lovely spot on the Central Oregon Coast that we love so much.  We have gotten our home pretty much the way we want it.. so no more hard long weekends doing remodeling and repairs.  Just minor upkeep.  

The yard is wonderful, but time consuming at this point.  So the plan is to simplify all areas of our lives.  I think that may have been part of the reason we wanted to move,, we have had several "reduction sales" with moving in mind,, so we have been downsizing and it does feel wonderful.  

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A New Computer to Blog with,, Life is Good

I am finally testing the new Mac Laptop with the blog..  I have to say it has felt very overwhelming,, especially around tax time.  But here we go..Testing

Lupin looking adorable
Sweet Sage trying out her new emergency Tsunami harness

and Pippin doing acrobatics with her new wand.

the pips "not helping with the computer learning"

these kits are not best of friends,, but a sun spot in Oregon is a shared delight!!!
Cat photos are always a good way to test the new computer with the blog ;-))

Apple makes it very easy to blog it turns out,,, stay turned for lots more fun stuff.

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